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Regulations for Internal Regime


– The Decree-Law 13/2020 of May 18, I of Andalusia, which establishes measures related to hotel establishments, includes in its Chapter I the organization of such establishments, as well as the regulation of their technical conditions and service provision.

In this regard, Article 25 of the said Decree-Law states the following:

  1. Hotel establishments must have an internal regime regulation that establishes mandatory rules for guests during their stay, without contravening the provisions of Law 13/2011 of December 23 or this Chapter.
  2. The internal regime regulation must always be available to guests and must be posted, at a minimum, in both Spanish and English in a visible and easily accessible location within the establishment. This regulation should also be publicized on the establishment’s own website, if one exists.
  3. The companies that operate hotel establishments may request the assistance of law enforcement to remove individuals who violate the internal regime regulation, disrupt normal social coexistence, or attempt to access or remain on the premises for a purpose other than the standard use of the service, in accordance with Article 36.4 of Law 13/2011 of December 23.
  4. The internal regime regulation shall specify, at a minimum: a) Admission conditions. b) Rules of coexistence and operation. c) Information about the administrative organization and the person responsible for addressing issues related to the operation of the establishment, if applicable. d) A list of supplementary services provided by companies other than the operating entity and the identification of the companies responsible for providing them. e) Information to guests about facilities or services that pose any risks and the safety measures in place. f) Policies for pet admission and conditions for such admission. g) In general, all circumstances that facilitate the normal enjoyment of facilities, equipment, and services.

In compliance with and pursuant to the aforementioned Decree-Law, this hotel has prepared the present Internal Regime Regulation that establishes mandatory rules for guests during their stay, hereinafter referred to as “Customers.”

This Regulation is available to you, as a Customer, at all times in both Spanish and English versions, and can be consulted on the notice board located in the reception area, as well as on our website.

CHAPTER I Admission Conditions Article 1 – Admission Conditions

1.1 – This hotel is considered, for all purposes, a public establishment, but admission or continued stay may be denied: a) Due to a lack of accommodation capacity or facility limitations. b) For failing to meet admission requirements. c) For engaging in behavior that may endanger or inconvenience other individuals, whether they are guests or not, or that hinders the normal operation of the facility.

1.2 – Our establishment may request assistance from law enforcement to remove individuals who violate this Internal Regime Regulation, breach standard rules of social coexistence, or seek to access or remain in the hotel for a purpose other than the normal use of the service.

Article 2 – Admission Requirements

2.1 – Prior to using a hotel room, it is a prerequisite to complete the admission document upon arrival at the hotel. At this point, you will be informed about your rights and obligations as a Customer, as well as the existence of this Internal Regime Regulation.

2.2 – When completing the admission document, you must present an official identification document, which will also be used by the hotel to complete the relevant entry record as required by current regulations for traveler logs.

2.3 – Once the admission document is completed, you will receive a copy containing at least the name, classification, and registration code in the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia of the establishment, room identification, the number of occupants, entry and departure dates, the contracted meal plan, and, in cases where the accommodation contract has been entered into directly between you and the hotel, the total price of the contracted stay, and you will receive the original document as a contract.

Article 3 – Rights

As a Customer of this establishment, you have the following rights:

a) To receive truthful, sufficient, comprehensible, unequivocal, and prior information before entering into the accommodation agreement, as well as the final complete price, including taxes, with itemized details, if applicable, of any increases or discounts applicable to any special offers.

b) To receive documents that verify the terms of the contract.

c) To access our establishment according to the contracted terms.

d) To receive services as agreed upon.

e) To have your safety and that of your belongings guaranteed within our hotel, as well as to be informed of any temporary inconveniences that may disrupt your rest and tranquility.

f) To receive information about facilities or services that may pose any risks and the safety measures in place.

g) To receive an invoice or receipt for the price paid for the services rendered.

h) To file complaints and claims and obtain information on the procedure for submitting them and their handling.

i) To review the privacy policy terms published on our website.

Article 4 – Obligations

As a Customer of this establishment, you have the following obligations:

a) To observe the rules of coexistence and hygiene.

b) To respect the present internal rules.

c) To adhere to the agreed departure date, vacating the room.

d) To pay for the contracted services at the time of presenting the bill or within the agreed timeframe, with the submission of a complaint not exempting you from the obligation to pay.

e) To respect this establishment, its facilities, and equipment.

f) To respect the environmental surroundings.

g) To respect areas and facilities restricted due to age or contracted rates.

CHAPTER II Rules of Operation and Coexistence

Article 5 – Reservations

5.1 – Every reservation will include the stay dates, room quantity and type with its meal plan, cancellation policy, and any additional supplementary services, including their prices and delivery and return hours.

5.2 – Before making a reservation and using the same medium, you will be informed of your rights and obligations, including the cancellation policy, which will be subject to the following conditions:

a) If the reservation is canceled with less than two days’ notice, you will be required to pay for one night’s stay for every ten or fraction thereof.

b) If you vacate the reserved room before the scheduled departure date, you will be billed for the services provided up to that point, plus a penalty of one night for every ten or fraction of unused stays.

c) For non-refundable rates, the prearranged conditions will apply.

d) If the reservation is canceled due to force majeure circumstances, including a crisis or health emergency affecting your place of residence or the location of this establishment, the provisions of paragraphs a) and b) will not apply. Instead, you will receive a voucher, valid for one year, to stay under the same conditions, subject to availability.

5.3 – Our confirmation of your reservation will constitute a contract for tourist accommodation, with physical or electronic records available to you.

5.4 – Once you have received confirmation of your reservation, we will make the reserved room available to you on the agreed date.

5.5.a – If we confirm your reservation without requiring any advance deposit as a deposit, the room will be held until the agreed-upon time, or until 8:00 PM on the specified day if there is no agreed time.

5.5.b – If you have paid a deposit, your reservation will be held until noon the day after the agreed arrival date. If you have not arrived by that time, the reservation will be considered canceled, and the deposit will be retained as compensation.

5.5.c – We reserve the right to pre-authorize credit cards, with your consent, to ensure their validity.

Article 6 – Check-In and Check-Out Times

6.1 – The usual check-in time is from 12:00 PM (noon) onwards.

6.2 – The check-out time is before 12:00 PM (noon).

6.3 – Early check-in and late check-out will be subject to availability and may incur additional charges. Please contact our reception desk for more information.

Article 7 – Supplementary Services

7.1 – We offer a range of supplementary services, including, but not limited to, breakfast, meals, laundry, and room service. Information about these services, including their prices and delivery hours, will be provided to you upon arrival.

7.2 – Any service not included in your reservation or contract must be paid for separately.

7.3 – You may request information on the allergens contained in our food products. Please inform our staff of any food allergies or dietary restrictions when placing your order.

7.4 – We do not accept reservations for supplementary services that exceed the current maximum capacity permitted by law.

Article 8 – Prohibited Activities

The following activities are strictly prohibited within our establishment:

a) Smoking in the rooms, common areas, and designated non-smoking areas.

b) Engaging in behavior that disturbs the peace, rest, and tranquility of other Customers, including excessive noise or music.

c) Entering the hotel with animals, except for service animals.

d) Using your room or any part of the establishment for purposes other than accommodation or infringing upon the normal operation of the establishment.

e) Violating the provisions of this Internal Regime Regulation.

Article 9 – Lost Property

9.1 – Any objects or belongings found by the staff will be deposited at the reception desk and will be kept in storage for a period of three months, during which the owners may claim them.

9.2 – The establishment’s responsibility for lost property is limited to the stipulations of the current legislation.

CHAPTER III Information About the Administrative Organization

Article 10 – Administrative Organization

10.1 – Our administrative organization includes the following contact information:

Hotel Oleum Andújar Calle Doctor Fleming, 5 23740 Andújar (Jaén) Phone: +34 123 456 789 Email:

10.2 – If you have any questions, complaints, or need assistance during your stay, please contact the hotel reception. If your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact the hotel’s administrative organization using the provided contact information.

CHAPTER IV Supplementary Services

Article 11 – Supplementary Services

11.1 – This hotel offers the following supplementary services:

a) Breakfast service: Served from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Please refer to the menu for options and prices.

b) Meal service: Served from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Please refer to the menu for options and prices.

c) Laundry service: Available upon request. Please contact the reception desk for details.

d) Room service: Available upon request during restaurant hours. Please refer to the room service menu for options and prices.

11.2 – Prices for supplementary services will be available to you upon request, and their availability may be subject to change.

CHAPTER V Pet Admission and Conditions

Article 12 – Pet Admission and Conditions

12.1 – This hotel allows the admission of pets, subject to the following conditions:

a) Pets must be well-behaved and not pose a threat to other guests or staff.

b) You must inform the hotel of your intention to bring a pet when making a reservation.

c) A daily pet fee may apply. Please check with the hotel for the current rates.

d) You are responsible for your pet’s behavior and any damage or inconvenience it may cause to other guests or the hotel.

e) Pets must remain on a leash and are not allowed in the hotel’s restaurant.

f) Please be considerate of other guests and clean up after your pet.

g) The hotel reserves the right to request that you remove your pet from the premises if it does not comply with the established rules.

h) Service animals are always welcome and exempt from pet fees.

CHAPTER VI Facilities or Services That Pose Risks and Safety Measures

Article 13 – Facilities or Services That Pose Risks

13.1 – Our establishment may have facilities or services that pose certain risks to your safety. These may include, but are not limited to:

a) Swimming pools.

b) Gymnasiums.

c) Outdoor areas with uneven terrain.

13.2 – Safety measures, including the use of personal protective equipment, are in place for these facilities or services. Please use them as instructed to ensure your safety.

CHAPTER VII Conclusion

Article 14 – Conclusion

This Internal Regime Regulation is made available to you to ensure a pleasant and safe stay at Hotel Oleum Andújar. By staying with us, you agree to comply with the rules and regulations outlined in this document. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the termination of your stay and other appropriate measures.

We hope you have an enjoyable stay, and our staff is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during your time with us.

Thank you for choosing Hotel Oleum Andújar.